Monday, March 2, 2009

batu belah batu bertangkup

batu belah ~~~~~ batu bertangkoppppppp~~~~~ tangkopp laaa akuuuu~~~~ makanlahh akuu~~~~~ aku kempunan telor tembakol~~~~~~~~

i'll call it a lullaby of extermination...hahah...

i was just lazing around when i heard that very vintage dialogue . i was at the dining area ,POPed my head over my living room to see wats playing on TV.

"man this show iss freakin' old" .

i was like six when i last saw this show, if i could recall on my old SONY-gigantic tupperware box tv, with all the channel buttons on it.

but hey its enlightning to watch classic malay films. and i remember actors and actresses of those times babyyyyy. yes i may not be born then but as a kid, i can recollect whos who. like for this one, starring R Jaafar, S Kadarisman , Zaiton, Anne dan lain-lain lagi. hahah aku tak ingat semua la...

i didnt watch the whole show though coz i kinda get the idea of the whole story.

  • the lady's hubby died while searching for telor ikan tembakol (mudskipper's eggroe) - ewwww wonder how it tastes like.

  • then she left her 2 kids for she's deprived for failing to savour eggroes for the 2nd time.

  • as a result of the disposession and depressed of her misfortunes,she rannnnn towards a cave of DEATH (was believed that dis cave seeks its last victim before it gets its peace.) - and yea this lady sings the batu belah lullaby on the way to the cave as to summon the demon.

  • she died,eaten by the demoncave but somehow she still have time to reappear to tell her kids of wat to do next with their lives. corny but okayy.

  • the 2 kids went to a kampong and taken care by a witch and bla bla bla. and this is like only 1/10 of the story.hahah malas nak cerita.

maybe i can take this as break after watching too much crappy malay dramas on SURIA. including mine.. hahah... u can never get that same feeling like when you are watching MALAY black & white shows. scrutinizing same formulas , i can just YAWWNN watching malay dramas. at least not as effective as how malay shows used to appeal its audience in the early 90s. is it just prevailing content that producers just redo ?

lack of creative ideas? no good actors/actresses? simply no hope? hmmmm... well folks,u decide.. :)


  1. i hate batu belah batu bertangkup... its like the stroy of an immatured self centered mother who would kill herself and abandon her children because of what... Mudskipper eggs? 0.o.. What is she? 5 years old? hahaha

  2. dats wat 'classic story' mummies would do !
    other gd examples , si tanggang - mum cursed his son and turn him into a stone ( or some other versions he became an eagle,flying aimlessly), definitely she will regret coz what if the eagle came back to her asking for food? she's too old to be hunting for mice.. ahhh like dat how? hahai